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World Vision decided this week to Hire Gay Christians in same-sex marriages “World Vision: Why We’re Hiring Gay Christians in Same-Sex Marriages” and in a matter of two days they reversed their decision “World Vision Reverses Decision To Hire Christians in Same-Sex Marriages.

Not only do I think that the articles are worth your while to read, these articles point to a greater concern in Church denominations/independents across the USA. We need to be informed so we are better equipped to pray.

This seemingly overnight back-and-forth turn of events with World Vision points to a growing division in the broader evangelical church about the biblical standards of sexual morality.

I’m interested to know your thoughts around what you think happened with World Vision and your thoughts on the greater growing divide in the Church concerning biblical standards of sexual morality?

NOTE: Here is a portion of the response from the Assemblies of God General Council sent to all its ministers across the nation. I believe this influenced World Vision, in part, in making their reversed decision.

“In an interview with Christianity Today, World Vision President Richard Stearns characterized the move as a “very narrow policy change,” which he hoped would be “symbolic not of compromise but of [Christian] unity.” He further stated: “This is not an endorsement of same-sex marriage. We have decided we are not going to get into that debate. Nor is this a rejection of traditional marriage, which we affirm and support.”

Recognizing legally valid same-sex marriages is not a narrow policy change. It is a fundamental shift away from a normative biblical understanding of marriage as the lifelong union of a man and a woman. Far from promoting Christian unity, the policy change enlists World Vision on the liberal Protestant side of the same-sex marriage debate as opposed to that of Pentecostal and evangelical churches in the U.S., not to mention Pentecostal and evangelical churches worldwide. And the policy change cannot be construed as anything but an endorsement of same-sex marriage. World Vision requires its employees to practice sexual abstinence outside of marriage. If it now permits its employees to enter legally valid same-sex marriages, then it has explicitly taken a position opposite of Scripture.”

Question: Your thoughts and prayer points?

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  1. It’s thought provoking for sure. Reading scripture – it’s there – Leviticus, Corinthians, Romans. Also we/I want to love thy neighbor, judge not, and hope always (for salvation, transformation). What about military personal who have killed? Do you ask them if they have asked forgiveness for that before you hire them? We all fall short at times. Do you routinely ask your hired personnel “who has sinned today”, you’re fired.The main difference is the gay couple is openly in error so to speak. And the final question; what would Jesus do? Just humbly commenting.

    1. Great comment. I believe the scripture is clear regarding marriage, it’s between a man and a woman. So I would squarely disagree with those who believe and teach same-sex marriage. Also, having a conviction about truth and voicing it is not judgmental. Just read the NT and you will soon discover the writers correcting doctrinal errors in their attempt to keep the Gospel pure. We are told to “speak the TRUTH in LOVE” Jesus had no problem speaking and never compromising truth but He did so in love. This is our goal as we serve and minister to people. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I’ve always respected World Vision and the work they do. Mind-numbing decision here though – some dramatic worldview issues on the board. These are design issues as well as moral issues, coded into creation. When Godhead wanted to place the image of God in the earth, a man and a woman were created and the institution of marriage was established (Genesis). When Jesus was questioned about marriage (flippant divorce in this case), he said, “From the beginning it has not been this way … have you not read, He who created them from the beginning made them male and female.” Jesus said, “I have not come to condemn the world, but that the world should be saved through me.” But he calls us to salvation and to a restoration of God’s design in all things. While much of the the 2nd statement is strong and seems resolved, I’m not sure what Stearn means … “I think every Christian organization will continue to deal with this sensitive issue,” he said. “The board will continue to talk about this issue for many board meetings to come. … We need to have a process to do further and wider consultation with key Christian leaders around the country, and we will be discussing how that can happen.” Is this an issue which is open to evolve in a part of the Christian community? I can’t see that it is. It’s too foundational to the creation.

    1. Brian. Great response here and I wholeheartedly affirm and agree with you. Both salvation and restoration is meant to bring mankind and I dare say nature, back to it’s original design. God’s design.

      In light of World Visions reversal, I believe that what Stearns says here is pretty clear, “Yes, we will certainly defer on many issues that are not so central to our understanding of the Christian faith,” he said. “But on the authority of Scripture in our organization’s work [and employee conduct] … and on marriage as an institution ordained by God between a man and a woman—those are age-old and fundamental Christian beliefs. We cannot defer on things that are that central to the faith.” This is a pretty solid statement around World Vision commitment to biblical marriage.

      I believe what you are addressing in your comment is Stearns being somewhat intentional about communicating that same-sex marriage is in someway still “on the table.” In the last few days World Vision has created a tight-rope that they must now walk. How do they now NOT alienate the groups they initially supported with the change in policy. I’m sure they are facing a backlash from them. The statement might satisfy these groups in some small way so they continue to financially support World Vision.

      1. Sitting in a Barnes & Noble on a Saturday afternoon with a Wired magazine. The thought comes that if you have evolutionary-Darwinist thinking, even as a Christian, you can begin to think that we are beyond what Paul said in the New Testament. We are progressing. It’s not so much a design issue related to a Creator as it is a life-design issue we create. Even worse, God is evolving us. All of it in the warm glow of love, grace and non-judgmentalism. And we somehow feel this is harmonious with following Christ.

        1. Brian, I think you hit the nail on the head. I applaud mankind making advances in technology, medicine, agriculture etc.We do so because, in my opinion, because God has allowed us to do so. And though God has given us the ability to create we are not the Creator, He is. I don’t buy into theo-evelolution view which ultimately makes God aloof and distant. It’s simply contrary to scripture. And don’t get me started with weak love, cheap grace and a wrong view of what judgment really is. 🙂

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